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Inclusive Prom 2023

THANK YOU to all who made AQC's first inclusive prom a success. 24 Hour  Citizen Project Wonderland Performing Arts River Oaks Hospital DJ Digital Safe Havynn The Family Tree Center Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services All our volunteers & Everyone who shared on social, hung posters, or cheered us on along the way.



Email for sponsorship, volunteer, & partnership information.


Will the kids be safe? Yes! Security will be provided by LPD. All chaperones will have background checks.

Can parents attend? There will be tables available at Osaka for guardians who want to stay nearby.

Who is involved in organizing this event? This event is possible because of Acadiana Queer Collective, The 24 Hour Citizen Project, The Family Tree + Jacob Crouch Foundation, We Demand More, PFLAG, and 

How can I lend my talents and skills? From decoration committees to chaperones, we couldn't do this without a gang of awesome volunteers, CLICK HERE to get involved.

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