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Each group member must sign up individually. You may not pay registration and agree to the included waivers on behalf of someone else. If you are walking with a group, you must list the group captain to qualify for the discounted rate.


Pricing Structure

Individual Registrants $20

Groups of 10-29 $175

Groups of 30+ $450

No animals are allowed in the parade.

Costumes, clothing, signs, and banners etc must not be inappropriate, lewd, offensive, or vulgar.

Keep all waste to a minimum and either use the trash cans along the route or collect your waste in a bag to throw away at the end of the route.

Vulgar and offensive words and actions will not be tolerated, nor will any illegal behavior. 

Remember you are a representative of the parade, and in public. Your actions directly affect the public’s perception of our event. Please do not encourage any members of the crowd to march with the parade.


Groups qualifying for a discounted rate must be made up of a minimum of ten (10) members.

You must have a BANNER (min. 10 feet wide) announcing your group that is carried for the entire route.

You must have MUSIC – either a sound system or instruments. 


Registration will begin on parade day at 8:00am and close at 8:45am, Find the registration table at the Hub City Cycles corner. You must be checked in by 8:45am. 

At registration, you will be given a wristband that identifies you as a member of the parade and allows you to march. 

We recommend parking in the parking garage. 

The parade lineup will be finalized in advance, and you will be notified of your place at registration. 

We will begin marching promptly at 9:00am. 

The route is approximately 1 mile and makes a loop.

The Grand Marshall and Mr & Mrs Pride Acadiana will set the pace of the parade. Please help us pace the parade properly by heeding communication from the event coordinators and parade workers. 

Please maintain at least 20 feet between your group and the one in front of you at all times. Your banner holders can assist.

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